You Can Buy an Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle in Germany for €450

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    Germany-based customers looking to snap up a deal on Oculus Rift and Touch, the VR headset’s motion controller, are seeing one of the biggest price cuts thanks to German electronics retailer MediaMarkt. Normally costing €708 for both Rift and Touch, the special sale bundle has slashed prices to a total of €453.99 including VAT and shipping to anywhere in Germany.

    The sale is only available on the company’s German site, and doesn’t appear on other international branches MediaMarkt including Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, or Italy-based MediaWorld.

    If you’re in Germany however but for some reason don’t have a permanent address, you can also pay online and pick up the bundle in-store providing both items are currently in stock. It’s uncertain at this time how long the sale will last.

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    Although Oculus has done some serious legwork to get Oculus-Ready computers down to as low as $650, price is still a big barrier of entry for many people that would otherwise want to jump right into VR. When you factor in the cost of a VR-capable computer with that of the Rift headset and Touch, you could be seeing a price tag well over €1,000, meaning any savings in cost is good news.

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    US-based Rift+Touch bundles can still be had for as low as $600 on and Best Buy.

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